Hot Cocoa on a stick


While looking for simple and cute gift ideas for guests at our Christmas party I came across hot cocoa on a stick or hot cocoa to-go. Thank you Pinterest.

This is perfect for every level of expertise… You can make some or all items from scratch.

I went with mostly homemade, to be honest I had intentions of making the marshmallows from scratch but ran out of time.

The hot chocolate which has a fudge consistency needs to sit overnight – 12 hours and the marshmallows need about 4 hrs if you plan on making from scratch.

The recipe is originally from the King Arthur Flour website and the following Pinterest pin.

I made the hot chocolate from scratch and purchased JUMBO marshmallows and cut them in half. All the bags, tags, stamps etc… were purchased from the local craft store.

Personally I like to work in steps/assembly line style. For example I stamped all the tags, cut all the strings ahead of time. These will be a crowd pleaser because who doesn’t like a hot cup of cocoa???


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